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Culinary Delights

One of my hobbies, and there are relatively few of them beyond music/sports/theatre, is food. Good food. And the restaurants that serve it. (With wine, please.) I am a “foodie.” I’m happy to admit to that.

I anxiously await the Dining section of the Wednesday edition of the New York Times which brings Frank Bruni’s latest snarky review of the NYC culinary temple du jour. I am lucky enough to have dined at some of NYC’s most esteemed restaurants. Here are a few of my New York (and beyond) favorites, with a thought and reaction on each.

River Cafe, Brooklyn, NY. The food at this waterfront gem overlooking Lower Manhattan is extraordinary, especially the terrine of foie gras. AMAZING. The price point is quite high, so this is a place for special occasions only.

Nobu, New York, NY. Though it remains a struggle to gain a reservation, this gorgeous Japanese restaurant on Hudson Street in TriBeCa remains worth the wait!

The Lodge at Game Creek, Vail, CO. Any restaurant that you have to take a ski lift and a snowcat to reach, is pretty cool already. Then, the food arrives!

Aquagrill, New York, NY. As a former server/bartender at several NYC establishments, I am rather unlikely to return to these former places of employment as a paying customer. Aquagrill, on Spring Street in SOHO, is a very clear exception. Here, it’s all about the oysters. More than 20 varieties are available each day…several of which are FedEx’ed in each morning. The oysters are fresh, the dining room is lovely, and the location is choice. It’s a great place to eat, but it really sucked to work there.

The White Elephant Inn, Nantucket, MA. The most recent entry to this growing list, this harbor-side restaurant serves phenomenal seafood and surprisingly good steaks in a gorgeous setting.


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