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Weekend reflections

This summer is flying – though much of that perception is probably due to my schedule. Until last weekend, it was occupied with professional commitments – Corpus Christi recording, Grendel, etc. This past week, however, my commitments were much of the social variety.

Friday night and most of Saturday were spent in Fort Montgomery, NY at the MacInnes Cottage of Rockefeller University. Despite the rain, Jenni+Alex+Brock+Shannon+I had a great time of it – playing Kings, Asshole (first time since college!), Boggle and just reliving our college days. (Photos will follow)

Yesterday was Heather Meyer’s first annual Croquet & Rose picnic in Central Park. In defiance of powers-that-be, we sipped wine, snacked, and tossed a football around. The weather had cleared by this point…and we had a grand time.

From there, it was off to Lewis White’s 60th (!) birthday celebration in Tarrytown, NY. Yummy food, great conversation and a few hundred laughs were the rule of the day. (Again, photos to follow)

A nugget of life wisdom, as shared by Lewis: “Feed everyone. Love everyone.” He then went on to say, “Those inside this fence make the second part easy.”


July 24, 2006 - Posted by | Friends, Life in general, Random

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