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On the cutting edge

Well, well, well. I was surfing around the CNN videos section yesterday. Much to my surprise, they have a Showbiz Tonight or whatever, feature on the lovely Britney Spears video below…or shown here. Yes, that bitch is still crazy!!! But I think it’s cool that something I posted on here…oh, almost TWO WEEKS AGO, is now garnering the attention of CNN. Hooray for me.

(Note: I didn’t break the news about the video. In the interest of full disclosure, I found it on another website, and then downloaded it from here.)

Speaking of amazing discoveries, I happened upon some pretty cool new music last night. Anyone who saw the series finale of Sex and the City might recognize the stylings of MC Solaar. But his stuff is pretty fantastic. Erin and I went to my favorite speakeasy (Yes Gerd, I LOVE speakeasies) Single Room Occupancy last night. Solaar was pumping through the speakers. Ya’ll should check him out. Read about him here! You can now also buy his music on Itunes.

More later…


August 16, 2006 - Posted by | Entertainment, Random

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