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Thoughts on the ‘Social Networking’ Phenomenon

I just created a profile on To be perfectly honest, everything involved with the process is a little bit daunting.  This got me thinking about the concept of social networking in the 21st century, in general.

My first foray into social networking was Friendster, way back in late 2003/2004. It was all very new and exciting…until it wasn’t anymore. There entered an anxiety about trying to add as many friends as possible, of building up my comments section. That anxiety grew old, so I deleted my Friendster account a few months ago. By then, I had created a MySpace account. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the thought of deFriendster-ing people who were no longer in my life. Seemed a little passive/aggressive and petty. It was a much better thought to delete the profile entirely. I mean, I’m in my 30s. Why must I worry so much about these things?

Fast forward to today, and I’m on both MySpace and Facebook. Maybe I should complete the cycle and re-up for Friendster?

Or maybe not.


July 17, 2007 - Posted by | Friends, Life in general, Random

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