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Reaction from the Right

I live in the New York City area, so I really don’t know too many conservatives.  I am gleefully surrounded by liberals who think very much like I do.

But one place I’ve encountered conservative vitriol is the wonder that is Facebook.  One now-ex friend on FB – we’ll call him E – and I had some rather spirited discussions during this election season.   I received the following message from him late last night:

You’re the stupid asshole who is blinded by his hatred of Bush and the Republicans. You and the rest of America drank the Kool Aid. The man has no experiene. I’ve been an assistant soccer for as long as he’s been in the Senate. I’m not qualifeid to be the National team coach and he isn’t qualified to be president. Just like Biden said, our country will face an international crisis in the 1st six months of his presidency because nobody his afraid of him bedause he is gutless. He has spoken on 3 different occassions about his muslim faith, standing by the Muslims and defending Palestine but each time he was misunderstood. Give me a fucking break. He is friends with known terrorist and anarchist Bill Ayres. He wants socialist health care. He wants to tax small business and give the money to the poor. That’s Marxist. He wants to limit what the press can say (the media who kissed his ass). Government controlled press is communism. When you have your freedoms curbed, it will be your own damn fault. Of course all the stuff I said will be ignored by you. A brick wall has more common senses. Obama won’t last 8 years. He kill the country long before then

I actually laughed out loud at the “freedoms curbed” line.  Wasn’t it the Bush Administration – and the REPUBLICANS – that pushed the Patriot Act?  The idiocy seems to know no bounds.


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  1. obama may not have much “experiene” but neither does palin. that’s what biden is for. speaking of biden, that quote was taken out of context- biden stated that once barak is put to the test, everyone will get to see what he’s made of. additionally, guess who else had little to no experience? george washington. he did just fine.

    i have friends from all races, religions and walks of life. should it be automatically assumed that i agree 100% with every single thing they believe? refusal to communicate with anyone other than people who are exactly like us in every way sounds rather communist to me… but then, what do i know? i probably have no “common senses.”

    Comment by stuffjourneymemberslike | November 6, 2008 | Reply

  2. Your friend here seems to have drank the kool-aid of the Far Far radical right, or is just an outright racist. As a relative with a good 18 years on you I beg you to have open eyes and not paint all republicans as ignorant, uneducated, unsophisticated oafs. There are assholes from both sides of the aisle, and then there are honorable men and woman with different views who are open to work together for the good of the country. In it’s current shape the country will need the best and brightest of all stripes to get her back on track. I for one plan on giving our new president plenty of time and a wide berth to prove himself, before I make any judgments. When I was young and ideologically free I voted for John Anderson an independent approximately 1980? because he was for alternative energy and solar power among other things. He got about 10% of the vote, enough to get matching funds from the govt. Look him up. FWIW I also had an African American friend from my college days in my wedding in 1981. His name was Ronnie from Pittsburgh and he sure caused some whispers in little old Frackville & Ashland, PA. At the time he was one of my best friends. Those of us who broke away from Schuylkill County young enough quickly saw how racist of an area it was. Spiney

    Comment by spineydave | November 7, 2008 | Reply

  3. Exceprt form my sister’s blog…

    So we voted this morning. Neither of us could wait until late morning (when we agreed we’d go), we were way too excited, so we walked over after breakfast. It was (surprisingly) a pretty quick line and we were entertained by Dash, who was sharing his favorite political cheer with everyone in earshot. It goes like this:

    US: Obama!
    DASH: Biden.

    US: Obama!
    DASH: Biden.

    I’m not sure it’s legal to be campaigning at the polls, but we had to stick that in there somehow. Besides, who would tell this little critter to stop talking?

    Comment by Aaron | November 7, 2008 | Reply

  4. Just to be clear, Dave, I absolutely know there are ignorant “assholes” on both sides of the political aisle. I could have been clearer in my post, but I find E’s reaction to pretty over the top. In my opinion – and in many others – the McCain/Palin ticket did not do enough to tamp down vicious rumors such as Obama’s “muslim ties,” etc.

    As for Ronnie, I may have been only five or six at your wedding in 1981, but I do remember him! (I guess I didn’t see many African Americans in Schuylkill as a young child!)

    Comment by bridoc10 | November 7, 2008 | Reply

  5. That’s cool. Your Mom reminded me of some of the outright racist and stupid things people you know have said about our President Elect. Just remember I’ll be somewhere watching you like that character under the bleachers on the original David Letterman show 🙂 Spiney

    Comment by spineydave | November 9, 2008 | Reply

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